Nordic Thali

Thali our own way

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What is Nordic Thali?

A Thali in India is usually an assortment of dishes (from appetizer to dessert) usually served in small metal containers placed on a round tray, also made of metal.

We propose You a Nordic version of the Thali, with local salmon, sill (herings), pickles, vegetables, ginger, new potatoes and a dill sauce.

Tea or coffee with homemade biscuit.

Alcohol free beer.

What is the price?

From 590 SEK, all included.

(based on two people)

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How does it work?

  • You book a room  and get one of our cosy bedrooms. 
  • You select the "Nordic Thali" as an extra in the booking system.
  • You will enjoy your Thali on your chosen day.

What does the package include?

A  generous Thali per person. Tea or coffee, local alcohol free beer

How to book?

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