We are cyclists friendly!

Dalsland is a paradise for cyclists: hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads, great sceneries and experiences.

We have four main cycling routes in our direct neighbourhood, some of them passing right in the street (Unionsleden and Vänerleden).


We are cyclists and travelers ourselves.

In our B&B, you can expect to find a great welcome if you are travelling by bike. 

Your bike will be safe with us; it can be easily locked up for the night.


It's possible that, in our booking system, you might not be able to book for one night though.

In that case, contact us directly and we'll sort it out! 


You don't have a bicycle? Not a problem!  

Onsite, you can rent a bike from The Dalsland Experience, a trustful partner.

How to reach us?

By boat, on your bicycle, using the bus or by car.. there is always a smart and joyful way to travel to our place.

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All pictures: © Struzik François except those mentioned.