About us

A place just as we like when we travel.

We have designed the Nordic Refuge with the idea of creating a cosy place to stay and enjoy the nature around, a comfortable accommodation to return to after a day in the outdoors.


We wanted it to be bright, elegant, simple but refined, and we have curated every single details from the vintage Scandinavian furnitures to the decoration items.


Just as we like when we travel! 


The environment is at stake and we couldn't imagine not to take every step to make our place the more sustainable possible.


We really hope you'll enjoy your stay at the Nordic Refuge. We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Anne & François


Nordic Refuge, accommodation, hotel in Dalsland Sweden, François Struzik, Anne Salaün


Anne is working as a lawyer for a public institution.
She loves hiking, reading, cycling and knitting woolen jumpers.

She enjoys swimming in the lake Ärr after a busy day and loves the quietness and wilderness of the nature around the B&B. 

She is always looking to enhance the interior design with carefully chosen details from second hand shops.

Her favourite room is the East: she likes the space, the colours and the zen atmosphere it creates.

You'll probably be lucky enough to taste her home-made jam with fruits from the garden.


François is a photographer

He loves cycling, wild swimming, canoeing before dusk and reading American literature.

Cycling the gravel roads  across the forest is what he enjoys the most in Dalsland.

At the Nordic Refuge, he's particularly happy with the 1969 Bang & Olufsen vintage radio in the breakfast room, playing obviously only Jazz music.

The room West is his favourite, with its brightness, space and great view over the valley.

He'll be glad to prepare you a Chemex coffee when you check-in!

Come as you are!

Our place is designed to be enjoyed in a welcoming and caring atmosphere.

Nordic Refuge, accommodation, hotel in Dalsland Sweden, Vänern

Everyone should feel safe, free, respected and welcome at our B&B.


Therefore, no expression of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia or hatred will be tolerated. 



All pictures: © Struzik François except those mentioned.