The greatest points of view over Dalsland

- hiking package -

What is the hiking pack?

Stay with us : we have prepared you a bespoke pack with all you need to enjoy the greatest points of view over the valleys of Dalsland.
Together, we'll plan your hikes according to your strength and appetite for great walks. We will give you tips about how to reach the best points of view over Dalsland. Make sure your binocular and camera are ready! Up to 4 "peaks" to be reached.
More than that: what is better than enjoying the view with a cup of great coffee and home made waffles! You'll bring this along.

How does it work?

  • You book a room for two nights and get one of our cosy bedrooms. 
  • We will show you where to go and give you appropriate maps.
  • You will get a pack with all you need to enjoy great freshly ground and brewed coffee and homemade waffles.
  • All the items and products are of great quality to be enjoyed outdoor.

What does the package include?

  • Two nights for two adults  in one of our very spacious rooms: East, West, North or South.
  • Organic breakfast and warm beverages.
  • Maps, coffee and fika to go.

What is the price?

From 3300 SEK, all included.

(based on a non refundable rate in room North, two guests)

How to book?

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All pictures: © Struzik François except those mentioned.