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What is the cycling pack?

Stay with us : we have prepared you a bespoke pack with all you need to enjoy Dalsland's nicest cycling routes.
Together, we'll plan your ride according to your strength and appetite for climbing.

You will get a bespoke GPX file to follow on your favourite app or GPS.
More than that: what is better than stopping for a great coffee and the best waffles in Sweden?

How does it work?

  • You book a room for two nights and get one of our cosy bedrooms. 
  • We will show you where to go and give you appropriate maps and / or GPX file.
  • You will get a pack with all you need to enjoy great freshly ground and brewed coffee.
  • All the items and products are of great quality to be enjoyed outdoor.
  • You'll be expected at one of the best place serving waffles in Sweden! 

What does the package include?

  • Two nights for two adults  in one of our very spacious rooms: East, West, North or South.
  • Organic breakfast and warm beverages.
  • Maps, GPX, coffee and waffles.

What is the price?

From 3550 SEK, all included.

(based on a non refundable rate in room North, two guests)

If I don't have a bicycle?

 It's not a problem. You can rent top end gravel or hybrid bike directly from our trusted partner, the Dalsland Experience. Bicycles will be delivered at the B&B.

How to book?

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More about cycling in West Sweden?

Explore West Sweden on two wheels. Tips, info and many possibilities on West Sweden dedicated page.

All pictures: © Struzik François except those mentioned.